Graz Engine Moving to Coolspring

The Graz engine is now on its way to Coolspring!  Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Friedrich Busch, several local engine collectors, and the crew from Coolspring Power Museum, the … Read more

CPM Crew Arrives in Germany

Our crew has survived the overnight flight to Germany, and here are Tom Stockton and Jonah Close with the Graz running in the background.  Today, they were going to learn … Read more

Graz Engine Move Begins

The Graz air blast diesel move from Hof, Germany to Coolspring is beginning. Tomorrow, July 10, three CPM volunteers, Mike Murphy, Jonah Close, and Tom Stockton will be flying there … Read more


With the floor of the building now in place, the floor and foundation have been covered to protect them from weather during the upcoming winter.

Concrete Floor Poured

Our contractor poured the concrete floor for the building on November 24, 2021.  To prevent winter damage, the concrete block wall was filled with concrete.  With those tasks done, the … Read more