Why Diesel?

February 2022 Coolspring Power Museum worked diligently all last year upon Diesel Centrale CPM, an installation to display three vintage Diesel engines.  We certainly believe that these engines are very … Read more

Birth of a Dream

August 2021 CPM has three very wonderful German Diesel engines: the Augsburg, the Benz, and the Graz.  All are from the early 1900s.  Hmmm, what better to do with them … Read more

The Graz Story

June 2021 As CPM’s Air Blast Injection project is progressing very well, I certainly understand the confusion about the mysterious Graz Diesel.  It will be the third engine in the … Read more

ABI Building

May 2021 A View from My Rocking Chair Last month I wrote The Benz Story and mentioned how it would fit into CPM’s new project, the Air-Blast Injection building.  We … Read more

The Benz Story

April 2021 Way back in the early 1970’s, while chatting with John Wilcox one day, I learned that the Buckeye Pipe Line Company of Ohio experimented with many different brands … Read more